To analyze different physics principles in order to build an egg package that makes impact in the least amount of time while still protecting an uncooked egg.


1.  The container must be built only with toothpicks and glue. "Glue" means a bonding
     agent such as Elmer's white glue, Super Glue, or hot glue. It does not mean tape.
2.  All glue must be dry when submitted for qualification.
3. The egg must be fresh from the carton and not altered chemically, frozen, or boiled.
4. The total mass of the egg package should be a maximum of 40 grams, excluding
    the weight of the egg.


This unit Test grade will include the following:
- PhysicsQuest   40% (individual grade)
- Project 60% (team grade)

The project grade is divided as follows:
- Complete answers to all questions: 20%
- Oral presentation of structure:          10%
- Egg drop competition (2 trials):         30%


The Egg Drop project involves several Physics concepts that we have studied in class and other concepts that you will have to research.
The main concepts are:

- Impulse and Momentum
- Pressure
- Air Resistance
- Torque and Angular Momentum

The best resources for gathering information are your textbook and the Problem Solving book.


PhysicsQuest due by the end of the period on:
PHYS BTuesday December 6     
PHYS AWednesday December 7

Bring materials and work on project:
PHYS AFriday Dec. 9 and Tuesday Dec. 13
PHYS BMonday Dec. 12 and Wednesday Dec. 14     

Handout and structure completed.
Oral Presentations per team:
PHYS AThursday December 15
PHYS BFriday December 16     

Egg Drop Competition:
PHYS AWednesday January 4
PHYS BThursday January 5     


Each team will have an opportunity to do TWO trials.
The best time with egg survival will enter the competition.

FIRST PLACE: 20 extra points to be used in any future Unit Test(s).
SECOND PLACE: 15 extra points to be used in any future Unit Test.
THIRD PLACE: 10 extra points to be used in any future Unit Test.