Design and build an electric boat, by the rules, for 5 meter rain gutter drag race.


The boat design may be based upon a fan-boat, speedboat, submarine, paddle wheel, or jet-ski.
You will be provided with a propeller, shaft, motor, switch and connectors.
Any other air or water propellers may be taken from an available toy.


Test Grade (100 points possible): 50 points for the Electric Boat and
                                                              50 points for Completed Project Worksheet

35 points    A boat built according to all of the restrictions shown below:

10 points     Boat Dimensions: The size of the rain gutter limits the boat’s size.
                     Length: The length of the boat must be less than 35 cm from tip to tip.
                     Width:  The width of the boat must be less than 9 cm at all points at the
                     water’s surface-level.
      Depth: The rain gutter has a “U” shaped cross-section and narrows at
                     its base. It will be filled and have a depth of about 6 cm. Design the boat
                     to fit and operate within these dimensions.

5 points       Battery: The boat may only use the following unmodified common
household batteries:
1) one 9V battery or
2) up to six D, C, AA, or AAA batteries.

5 points       Motor: The boat must propel itself with only 1 or more electric motors.
                     You can use the electric motor supplied plus any other from an available
      toy or purchased for about $3 at a hobby store. These motors are often
                     rated 1.5V to 3V, but they work fine with the higher voltages allowed by
                     the battery restrictions.

15 points     Boat Frame:  You may purchase propellers, motors, and batteries,
but the boat may not use any manufactured toy boat body. You may use
household, hardware, and hobby store materials only according to their
instructions. Common materials include: plastic bottles, Styrofoam,
balsa wood, wires, switches, battery holders, tape and glue.

15 points     As a boat propels itself down the 5 m track  it earns +3 points per
meter completed. The boat must meet all of the rules and propel
       itself 5 meters at one time to qualify for competition.
       The top 3 boats in the race will earn extra credit.

Electric Motorboat Drag Race
by Mr. Barry in Riverside, CA
This page contains information about the project and a photo gallery with pictures of boats built by his high school students. Check them out!!