The Electric House WebProject consists of the following general phases:

      1. Design of a Website
      2. Create and Publish a Website on the Internet
      3. Presentation of your Webpages

1. Website Ownership:
                   - Each team will create one website.
                   - Only team members will share the password.
                   - Teams must abide by the rules of : Yahoo Geocities

2.  Website Structure:
- Number of Webpages: At least three pages.

                     - Directories:
               Main Page: the file must be named: index
                       This page should contain an introduction to your project, objectives,
                       team members, etc.

                      - Subdirectories, minimum of two:
                           1. Physics page: the file must be named: physics
                               This page should contain the physics background of DC circuits
                           2. Project page: the file must be named: house
                               This page should contain a description of your project and a picture
                               of  your house. Team members appearance on picture is optional.

WEBSITE EXAMPLE: You can check this website to have an idea of what is
expected on this project. *(NOTE: You may NOT copy info from this site!)

3. Links:
                      - Each website should have at least three links to related resources.
                      - No unrelated links are allowed i.e. commercial sites, music, personal
                        favorites etc.
- The only exception relates to the Yahoo Geocities add banner.

4. Use of Copyrighted Materials
  No webpage may include materials that were created by another person
         without written permission to quote such materials by the creator of
                       such material; this includes text, images, and data published on the  
                       Internet and copyrighted.