Your team will design and construct an electric house with separate series and parallel circuits.

The house will consist of one or two stories. Each house will contain at least the following areas: one bedroom, one bathroom, a kitchen, a living room and a dining room area.

Each individual room will be illuminated by its own light(s). 

Your team will provide the materials needed for the house frame, glue, additional tools, decorations, furniture and the batteries.

You will receive:
- Ten small light bulbs- Seven switches
-  Insulated wire    - A motor
-  Terminal block   - X-ACTO knife
- Soldering iron

Project Timeline:

Your team should follow the Project Timeline.

- The house dimensions are a maximum of   36" x 36" and a maximum of
48" in height.
The 'science fair' tri-fold sturdy foam board is an excellent material for
building the house. You can also use cardboard boxes.

Each house will be wired with 5 different circuits as follows:

-  Dining room: must have a chandelier with at least three lights in a
  SERIES CIRCUIT with one switch.

-  Bedroom/bathroom:  must have one PARALLEL CIRCUIT consisting of two switches and at least two lights.

- Living Room: a ceiling fan with a motor and switch.
- Living Room: a lamp with one light and a switch.

- Kitchen: must have a light and a switch.
Scoring Rubric:

The score of your project consists of 200 points divided into three parts:

I. Group Project = 100 points

Meeting minimum construction requirements:
Neat house assembly, five rooms, no visible wiring =   30 pts
Successfully meeting series circuit minimum requirements =   10 pts
Successfully meeting parallel circuit minimum requirements =          20 pts
Successfully meeting other circuits minimum requirements =           20 pts
Successfully incorporating the motor =       20 pts

Bonus for creativity and/or ingenuity = 20 pts

II. Individual Project = 40 points 

- Drawing and schematic of every circuit combination =              20 pts
- Calculations of voltage and current =                20 pts

III. Electric House Power Point = 60 points

Your team will design a Power Point that includes:
- Title slide and Index slide with the contents=           5 pts
- Physics background slides with information about
  DC CIrcuits including diagrams =         30 pts
- Project slides that include the procedure, pictures of your
  house and suggestions for this project =                 15 pts
- Bibliography page with all the references that you used =         10 pts