College Prep Physics is taught as a 9th grade course.
My primary goals for this course are:

The course covers selected topics from  Mechanics, Waves, Optics,
Electricity and Magnetism.

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Tips for Physics Success
Specific tips for being successful in class!

Physics Tutorials
Complete online tutorials organized by Physics topic with lecture
notes, animations and step-by-step problem solving.

Physics Information
Information about: class materials, assignments and grading policy.

Physics Syllabus
The College Prep Physics curriculum objectives .

Physics Simulations
Collection of links to interactive Physics simulations.

Interactive Problem Solving
Links that include interactive multiple-choice questions and problems
in all areas of Physics.

Online Physics activities that adapt the main guidelines of a WebQuest.

Physics Projects
These pages include links to various projects performed during the
school year. Among the projects are PhysicsQuests, Mousetrap Cars,
Electric Houses, Bridge Building, Model Rockets, etc.

Physics Navigation
Comprehensive list of links of Physics sites.
Welcome, to the College Prep Physics site that I taught last year at  the Parish Episcopal School in Dallas, TX.
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