The Physics Classroom: Vectors - Motion and Forces in Two Dimensions
Vector principles and operations are introduced and combined with
kinematics principles and Newton's laws to describe, explain and
analyze the motion of objects in two dimensions. Applications include
riverboat problems, projectiles, inclined planes, and static equilibrium.

Physics Lessons: Kinematics

MITE: Kinematics in Two-Dimensions
Complete lesson with animations and problems.

Physics Study Guide:
Vector Addition
Kinematics in 2-Dimensions

HyperPhysics: Vectors

HyperPhysics: Projectile Motion

U. of Boston: Motion in Two Dimensions, Relative Motion
Lecture notes.

U. of Guelph: Vector Tutorials
Lecture notes.

Rochester: Vector Addition
Lecture notes.

U. of Winnipeg: Kinematics in Two Dimensions
Lecture notes.

Eastern Illinois: Vectors and Motion in Two Dimensions
Lecture notes.

Mainland: Kinematics Graphs
Mainland: Kinematics Equations
Mainland: Projectiles
Review sessions.