1. What are the two types of friction present?

2. What problems related to friction did you encounter and how did you solve them?

3. How many wheels does your car have? What factors did you take into account to decide the number of wheels?

4. What kind of wheels did you use in each axle? What is the effect of using large or small wheels?

5. Explain how Newton's first and second laws apply to the performance of a car.

6. Discuss the effect of the length of the lever arm in the pulling force of your car.

7. How is the balance of a wheel related to the center of mass of the car?

8. How does the distribution of weight affect the traction of the wheels?

9. Discuss how the length of the lever arm is related to the power output of your car. Measure the length of your lever arm.

10. How is the amount of acceleration of your car related to the wheel-to-axle ratio?

11. Discuss the major problems encountered in the performance of your car and what did you do to solve them.