Geocities Sign up:

Click here: Yahoo Geocities

Setting up your Yahoo Geocities account:

a) Select GeoCities FREE:

If you or your partner do not have a Yahoo account, you will have to create one.

b) Enter your Account Information:

Choose a member name and a password. Keep it simple!
For example, your member name can be your site name.
Select a short, easy to remember password, i.e. your pet's name, your phone
number, your birthday, etc.

c) Click on I AGREE.

d) Go back to GeoCities FREE and choose a topic.

e) Your website address will appear. Write it down and e-mail me the web address.
Yahoo Geocities Build My Web Site:

1.  You can use the:
Yahoo! PageWizards - Easy!
This website builder allows you to build your site quickly with a simple, step-by
step method.
Yahoo! PageBuilder
Design and customize your pages easily with this powerful and full-featured editor

2.  Building Your Site
After you have selected a website builder start playing with it!

3. Be sure that you are following the WebSite Guidelines!
Web Site Structure:

Click on the link to learn about the structure of your Website.
Waves and Human Physics: WebSite Structure
Electric House: WebSite Structure