Physics Photo Project

This project consists of:
- A photo illustrating a Physics concept.
- An essay describing the Physics in the photo.

Photo Categories

Natural Photos are those that involve everyday situations that may demonstrate a variety of physics concepts. Any spontaneous event
is considered natural.

Contrived Photos are those that are set up to show a particular physics concept or related set of concepts. Contrived Photos represent non-spontaneous events.

Photo Guidelines

- Students should take the pictures themselves!
  All photos should be original.
  Downloading pictures from the Internet or pictures taken by
  somebody else is NOT allowed.

- Photos may be either black-and-white or color.

- Create a blog posting with the title of your photo

- Insert your picture on your blog

- Write your essay on your blog:
- Physics principle represented
- Explanation (150-250 words)

If your photo is selected for the AAPT contest ONLY:

- Photos must be neatly printed to 8” x 10” or 8½” x 11” in photographic
  paper, photo printed in regular paper is NOT acceptable.

- Minimal manipulation of digital images with the intention of accurately
  rendering the subject is acceptable (e.g., small adjustments to
  brightness, contrast, color balance and/or sharpness, are acceptable.
  No other digital manipulation of an image is allowed.

- An electronic file of the photo must accompany the submission of
  each photo.

Photo Evaluation
This project will be graded as a Test.
It is HONOR BOUND. Please do NOT copy
a picture or an essay.


Photo Project Deadline
Thursday April 28:  HONORS PHYSICS

Photo Examples: Be original, do not try to imitate!

- 2010 AAPT Photo Contest
- 2009 AAPT Photo Contest
- 2008 AAPT Photo Contest
- 2007 AAPT Photo Contest
- 2006 AAPT Photo Contest
- 2005 AAPT Photo Contest
Photo Project Rubric
Photo Project Rubric