Water Bottle Rockets
NASA website about the principles of water bottle rockets.

How to Build Water Bottle Rockets
Videos of construction of a simple water bottle rocket

Mr. Hayhurst's Quick and Easy Bottle Rocket
Step-by-step directions to build a water bottle rocket

Beginner's Guide to Model Rockets
The most extensive page on Rockets from NASA. At this Web site you can study how model rockets operate at your own pace and to your own level of interest.Includes the interaction of forces involved in the flight of the  on the rocket. There are several pages devoted to basic gas properties and aerodynamic forces involved in the motion of the rocket.

Short Index of Model Rocket Slides
Index to the NASA website, easy to navigate, contains these sections: Model Rockets, Lift Off, Powered Flight, Coasting Flight, Recovery, Gases: Static and Dynamic, Forces: Newton's Laws, Thrust, Weight, Aerodynamics, Lift, Drag and Falling Objects. Contains excellent simulations.

Apogee's Model Rocket Education Guide
This webpage contains tips on teaching with rocketry, background technical information about model rockets, and things like: projects with model rockets, payloads, special educational rocket kits, how rockets work, safety guidelines, other links.

Estes Educator Rocketry 101
Graphics and descriptions of model rocket flight, components of a model rocket, facts about ESTES Rockets

Model Rocket Altitude Predictor
This page drives a rocket simulation program which will project the peak altitude and other flight profile information about a model rocket.

Rocket Equations
Equations to accurately predict speed and altitude for a rocket from weight, diameter, motor thrust and impulse.

Engine Specifications
ESTES engine specifications

NAR -- Rocket Motor Coding
How to interpret engine codes

How Model Rockets Work
Here you will find a great deal of information about model rockets including how rockets work, engine information, igniters, launching and troubleshooting.

Dean's Model Rocketry Tips
Construction tips, simple do's and don'ts on your first launch, recovery systems, and things to take to the launch field.