You and your team will design and construct a Paper Roller Coaster


1. Each roller coaster must include five design elements: a camelback, a loop,
   wide turn and a funnel.
2. The coaster must be a complete circuit, just like a real roller coaster.
3. The marble must stay on the track through the whole roller coaster
4. The roller coaster cannot be touched during the test. In other words the tape
   and any objects other than your hands can only be used to support the roller
5. Your coaster must be stable. The track cannot move or shake when the marble
   travels along the track.


1. Draw a neat, labeled sketch of your roller coaster. Include the following terms:
- incline
- camel back
- loop
- turn

2. Write down the measurements of your Roller Coaster

Height First Hill : _________ m

Height of Inverted Loop: _________ mRadius of Loop: _________ m

Average time for reaching the bottom of first hill: _________ s

Calculation of speed at bottom of the hill:

3. Statement of conservation of energy from the top of the first hill to the bottom:

4. From the equation above, determine the velocity at the bottom of the hill:

5. How does the value of the measured speed compare to the calculation above?
    If they are different EXPLAIN.

6. Would your results have varied if the mass of the marble had been twice as big?