Webpage Structure


- The main page should be saved as: INDEX

- Include the following on the main page:

         a) Your names (first names only is OK).
         b) A link to Greenhill School 
         c) The objective of the project and a link to the project guidelines
         d) Brief descriptions and links to your other two webpages

- The physics page should be saved as: PHYSICS

- Include the following on the physics page:

          a) Define electric current.
          b) Describe the conditions that create current in an electric circuit.
          c) Define resistance and describe Ohm's law.
          d) Give Ohm's law and define each term and give the appropriate units.
          e) Describe both a series connection and a parallel connection and state
               the important characteristics of each: effective resistance, current and
           f) Explain the function of a fuse in an electric circuit.
           g) What is a short circuit? Why is a short circuit dangerous?
           h) What is the function of a circuit breaker.

- Write down the bibliography and the internet bibliography.


- Give at least three links with relevant material on DC circuits.
- All the links should be annotated i.e. a brief description of the site should be included.

- The project page should be saved as: HOUSE

- Include at least two pictures of your house: front and back.
  It is not mandatory for the team members to appear in the pictures.

- Describe what challenges did you encounter while working on this project.

- Give some suggestions for other students who may want to do this project.