- Understand why Physics is the basic science.
- Outline the scientific method.
- Define Physics and explain its role and scope.


1.1  Types of Waves
- Define and give characteristics and examples of longitudinal,
  transverse and surface waves.

1.2 Periodic Waves
- Apply the equation for wave velocity in terms of its frequency
  and wavelength
- Describe the relationship between wave energy and its amplitude

1.3 Wave Behavior
- Describe the behavior of waves at a boundary: fixed-end,
  free-end, boundary between different media
- Distinguish between constructive and destructive interference
- State and apply the principle of superposition

1.4 Standing Waves
- Describe the formation of standing waves.
- Apply the principle of superposition to  interference.

1.5 Sound
- Understand the nature of sound waves.
- Describe the characteristics of sound and distinguish between
  ultrasonic and infrasonic sound waves
- Find the speed of sound at different temperatures.

1.6 Doppler Effect
- Understand how the Doppler Effect occurs.