3.1 Scalar and Vector Quantities
- Differentiate between scalar and vector quantities.

3.2 Speed, Velocity and Acceleration
- Understand the difference between distance and displacement
  and speed and velocity.
- Distinguish between average speed and average velocity.
- Define acceleration.
- Interpret graphs of position versus time to determine the
  velocity of an object.
- Determine from a graph of velocity versus time, the velocity of
  an object at a given time and the time at which an object has a
  specific velocity.
- Calculate the displacement of an object from the area under
  a v-t curve.
- Use the kinematics equations to solve problems for an object
  moving with a constant acceleration along a straight line.

3.3 Free-Fall
- Recognize the meaning of the acceleration due to gravity.
- Use the motion equations to solve problems involving freely
  falling objects.

3.4 Projectile Motion
- Recognize that the vertical and horizontal motions of a projectile
  are independent.
- Solve problems involving projectile motion for projectiles fired