5.1 Work
- Define work and calculate the work done by a force.

5.2 Power
- Calculate power.

5.3 Energy: Kinetic and Potential
- Describe the relationship between work and power.
- Calculate the kinetic energy of a moving object.
- Calculate the gravitational potential energy of a system.

5.4 Elastic Potential Energy
- Understand the concept of restoring force.
-  Define elastic potential energy.

5.5 Conservation of Energy
-  Solve problems using the law of conservation of mechanical energy.

5.6 Linear Momentum and Impulse
-  Define the momentum of an object.
-  Determine the impulse given to an object.

5.7 Conservation of momentum
-  Relate Newton’s Third law of motion to situations involving
  conservation of momentum.
- Recognize the conditions under which the momentum of a
  system is conserved.

5.8 Inelastic and Elastic Collisions
-  Distinguish between elastic and inelastic collisions.
-  Analyze collisions to find the change in kinetic energy.
- Solve conservation of momentum problems for both types of